NSF (Punjab) has since its inception been independent in every sense, which includes finances. We have sustained ourselves mainly through small but regular contributions from our members (with central office-bearers taking on the main responsibility for contributing and generating funds), and from senior comrades and sympathizers on an ad-hoc/event-specific basis. We have done our best to make “The Student” (our quarterly magazine) self-sustaining, but in practice manage to recover around half of our cost through local subscriptions. While we have consciously chosen to steer clear of taking on patrons of any kind, we have also come to realize that financial limitations do have a significant impact on the scope of our activities and the extent of our outreach. Hence, we are sending this fundraising appeal to individuals who we hope are sympathetic to our cause and concerns and would like to help us maintain our financial and political independence.

NSF (Punjab) is holding its first Convention on 25-26 November 2011 in Faisalabad. It will be a two-day event, the first day comprising of internal sessions (restricted to NSF members) where organizational matters will be discussed, office-bearers elected, and foundational documents presented before the House for approval. An open session will be held on the second day, to which we are inviting a host of progressive student organizations, political parties, and cultural activists from all over the country. For this event, we are estimating a cost of Rs. 300,000 (approximately $3,500). This figure includes transport for delegates, overnight accommodation, food, hall charges, publicity materials (banners, posters, wall-chalking, leaflets, a special issue of the “The Student”) and NSF merchandise (T-shirts, keychains, caps, etc.)

Apart from the Convention, which is by far the largest show we have attempted to organize to date, we would like to give you a sense of NSF Punjab’s running expenditures, for which a projected annual budget2 is presented below:(See detalided NSF Punjab’s running expenditures, for which a projected annual budget in Word Document.NSF Budget )

We are reaching out to you, as mentioned, to ask for your support. All funds received will be duly acknowledged, recorded, and a detailed description of all incoming donations and their usage will be provided. Since we are not a political party (or its affiliate) nor an NGO, state law does not allow us to register our organization. Moreover, the ban on the Students’ Union imposed by General Zia-ul-Haq in the 1980s persists to this day, so student organizations are not formally recognized and cannot be registered in Pakistan. Hence, the account to which we will ask you to send your donations is a joint current account held by NSF members.      ( Please call or email us how you can send us donations).


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